Arsenal: Result didn’t reflect performance of team

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Mikel Arteta claims Arsenal were the better side in the defeat against Liverpool has he believes the result didn’t reflect the performance of his team.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says their performance against Liverpool didn’t give a proper reflection of his side’s performance.

Arsenal lost to Liverpool at the Emirate stadium last night but Arteta insists they were the better team in the game.

The game ended 0-0 in the first half of the game with both teams pilling up pressure in each other in the match.

Things changed in the second half of the game as goals from Diogo Jota and Firmino gave the Reds the victory.

Speaking after the defeat at the Emirate stadium Arteta claims his side were the better side in the game as he claims his boys raised the level in the game.

“I don’t think the result properly reflects the performance of the team, but from box to box I think in many moments we were the better team and we did everything we planned.

“The way the boys performed showed their courage to play the way that we wanted to play and the intensity and the understanding of the game, they really raised the level today, but unfortunately these games are won in the boxes and that was the critical difference today to not get anything out of this game unfortunately.”

Arteta said there was no much difference in the apart from the goals they conceded which he was not happy with.

“It was the difference today. I don’t think there was any other difference apart from that. I think we have closed that gap a lot, but it wasn’t enough because when we went through that door and they went through that door, they scored two goals.

“I’m not happy with the goals that we conceded, but it’s part of the game and when you have those chances you have to take them to get something out of it.”

The Arsenal manager said the mood of the dressing room was dull after the defeat because he believes the boys gave their all in the game.

He insisted that the kind of result happened against Manchester City in the Premier League too after making it difficult for this top teams.

“They were down because they know how well we played and now we’ve lost two games against City and Liverpool when you are there toe to toe and you deserve much more than we got from the result, but the reality is that we didn’t. So in the boxes against City it was also about the discipline because we got sent off, but those boxes make the difference against those top teams.

“If you are able to take the game all the way to the level which is already very difficult, still there are details and margins that they are going to manage and try and today they certainly did in the period when we were most likely to score the first goal.”



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