Klopp: I would prefer now being 20 points in front

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Jurgen Klopp says he would have loved to be 20 points ahead in the league table, he added that he is focused on winning incredible amount of game rather than think about Manchester City.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says he would prefer to be leading the Premier League table with 20 points.

The Reds revive their hope in the title race against Arsenal following a 2-0 victory at the Emirate stadium last night.

Liverpool are second on the League table just one point behind league leaders Manchester City who dropped points against Crystal Palace.

When asked if he preferred to chase or being chased in the title race Klopp replied, “I would prefer now being 20 points in front! Massively!”

It was a tough game for the Reds last night as Arteta’s men gave them lots of pressure in the clash.

Speaking about the game Klopp said: “We had a better start in the game obviously, directly with the corners, two or three corners we had in a row and then we made a few mistakes. So both teams obviously had possession spells but in our possession spells we didn’t really create because we didn’t have enough bodies between the lines.

“We played a bit too much around the formation then, trying to find the gaps to pass the ball through. On the other side when Arsenal had the ball then we didn’t defend enough front-footed. We knew with the way they do it in open-play situations means you have to be patient until a specific moment and then you have to be there and when Diogo goes, we have to follow.”

Mo Salah stated the game from the bench while Luis Diaz was given a chance to start ahead of the Egyptian in the game.

Speaking about his selection Klopp said that: “We need our boys in different ways as well, it’s not that you can just be a striker who scores goals. If you want to be a striker for Liverpool you have to work your socks off in each game, you have to defend the width, you have to defend the whatever.

“That is important, that is why we change, not because they didn’t score because Diogo scored [tonight] and we still changed. It’s about how much can they help us in all the situations and for that you need fresh legs and it’s not a massive problem, to be honest, to find the right line-up.”

The Reds have closed a massive gap on Manchester City but the German claims he is focused on winning incredible amount of game rather than think about City.

“I really don’t think a lot about City. That’s the truth. I know that the only chance we have is to win an incredible amount of football games because our opponents win an incredible amount of football games.

“There is not chance to drop. I said it before, in the last few years we pushed each other on insane levels. I forgot the number, but we only had 90-odd points because they had that many points – and they had it only because we had it. That’s the situation.”



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