Thomas Tuchel keen in creating a scary team

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Thomas Tuchel is keen on creating a fearless team that teams will be scared to face.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is keen on creating a team no team will want to play against in any competition.

The Blues got a deserved win to qualify in the Champions League after falling behind against French side Lille in the return leg of the competition.

Tuchel side defeat Lille 2-0 in the first leg which gave them a huge advantage in the return leg as they crowned it up on a 4-1 aggregate in France.

Speaking after the match and waiting for the Champions League draw Tuchel insists he wants to create a strong side that every team will be scared to play.

“I want us to be the team that nobody wants to play. That is the role we see ourselves in this round of the last eight.

“It’s a big step to do it again and again and again and that’s why we fight for the top four places in the toughest league maybe in the world right now and we fight now in the last eight teams of the Champions League again.

“So this brings out the very best in us and we want to be the team that nobody wants to play against. Let’s see what happens.”

With Chelsea facing restriction from UK Government due to the sanction of current owner Roman Abramovic, Tuchel seems happy for the performance of his side.

“I’m happy that we are in the last eight again and there were a lot of things to overcome,” Tuchel added. “I’m so happy and so proud, it’s a brilliant result.

“We are into the quarter-finals and this is a big step. We showed resilience, a strong mentality and overcame a lot of difficulties and we did what was necessary.

“We dug in and got a deserved win. It’s a difficult place to come to but we did what was needed and full credit to the team.

“I’m so happy that we had so many fans here, they travelled over and supported the team so well. All the fans who were here with us were brilliant.”

Tuchel further described the team captain Cesar Azpilicueta as a perfect example of a leader who is focused on doing his job in good and bad times.

“He is maybe the perfect example to describe as a person and as a leader what we are doing. He is just doing what he is doing and he’s doing it in good times and in bad times, when he’s a regular player and when he’s a regular starter.

“He’s doing the same thing over and over again when he has personally maybe a period where he suffers a bit, maybe he’s not playing regularly.

“He needs to play all the time wing-back, which is maybe not his very best position, but he’s there and he just lives on a daily basis what it takes to be Chelsea captain. He’s a legend already in the club and this is what we need. I don’t think we need extra, extra, extra at the moment.

“We just need a reliable attitude, reliable teamwork, reliable spirit and this is what we have and what we rely on and Azpi is a huge part of that.”



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