Arteta doubt Arsenal title race despite form

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Arsenal are enjoying the moment of leading the Premier League at the moment as Mikel Arteta doubt their challenge for the title.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is still not sure is team are in the title race despite their current form in the Premier League.

Arsenal added another three points to their points after facing tough side Liverpool in the League on Sunday.

The game was intense and Arsenal came out victorious with Saka penalty strike in the second half secured the win and the points.

Arsenal are currently the league leader, but when asked if the London team is in the title race Arteta said: “I don’t know from me, I’m really happy where we are, and let’s try to continue to be there.

“At the moment, enjoy where we are and again have even more determination to believe that we can play at that level, only when we go at that rhythm and play with courage that we played the second half and go step by step”.

Liverpool is the third team among the top six Arsenal will play and the Gunners got victory against Tottenham and the Reds.

Speaking about the recent win against Jurgen Klopp’s men, Arteta added: “I think on the day we play at our best, we have a chance but winning a football match is dictated by a lot of things that you have to control, and actually, you have to do it on the pitch, that is a different story.

“The feeling of winning it’s so powerful and so meaningful for me because I saw a team that I feel I really identify with, the personality they show in difficult moments, how they stick to what they have to do, and at the same time they believe they have the courage and the free mind to just go for it and attack them and put them under pressure”.

Bukayo Saka has been growing in confidence after the Euro 2020 penalty issue, calmly slotting in an important penalty at that crucial moment.

“That was a difficult moment that has an incredible learning curve for him in his career and experience, he took it and everybody around him helped him to do that starting with the England national team, Gareth and everybody how supported he was, and then the boy didn’t hesitate to continue because he believes he can take them under pressure and he really enjoys the responsibility.”




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