Arteta pleased ending Bodo/Glimt European record

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Mikel Arteta pleased with his side maintaining 100 perceent record in Europe and ending the perfect record of Norwegian opponent Bodo/Glimt

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says he pleased with his side ended the perfect record of Norwegian team Bodo/Glimt in Europe.

The Gunners defeated Bodo/Glimt home and away in the Europa league to give them 100 percent record in the UEFA second division league.

“Really happy to win here against a team that has won the last 14 games in European competitions in a row, so they deserve a lot credit to do that”, Arteta said.

“There’s not many European teams that can do that, we have come here on 15 and won it. We have talked about this in the last few days that was the challenge, in different conditions, in different contexts, making a lot of changes, find a way to win, and we’ve done it.

The game ended 1-0 in favour of Arsenal but Arteta admits how difficult the game was for his side.

“Really tough, I said before we played at the emirates this is a really good team that is going to cause you problems, especially the moment you start to lose certain duels and allowed, especially the left-back to progress the play so easily and go through your press too easily, and once we haven’t controlled that, we were in big trouble, and that was probably the difference between the first and the second half.

“Obviously, the conditions, the pitch, is another element that you could see sometimes that it was too fast for us but there is no excuse.”

Speaking about the overall performance of the team, Arteta added: “The second half obviously there are a lot of things to improve, we know that, I’m not going to get too deep into that, I understand as well, why this is happening.

“But I think the boys deserve credit as well for the way they tried. Quality-wise, in terms of dominance and how we want to play, obviously there are a lot of things to get better than what we done today, but it’s another win, move on, now it’s Leeds.”



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