Arteta: Top four is possible but fifth place is a progress for the team

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Mikel Arteta has claimed that a fourth position is possible for his side in the Premier League but insists finishinh fifth is a progress for them.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta insists that it is possible for his side to make into the top four on the last game of the Premier League.

Arsenal will host Everton at the Emirate stadium on the last day of the Premier League while fourth place Tottenham will play Norwich.

The Gunners will need three points against Frank Lampard’s Everton but will only move into the top four position if Norwich defeat Tottenham.

Arteta who ahead of the match claims that a top four finish is possible for the team but insists fifth place is a progress for the team.

“Very possible”, Arteta said when asked how he rates the chances of still finishing fourth. “And looking back, I’ve been back a few years and seen a few examples of teams that they played in the last game of the season and the things that happened. The closer the game is, I am more hopeful.”

When asked whether fifth place would be progress Arteta said: “It is because we have created expectations that this club deserves and where this club has to be, and in the last two months, we haven’t been able to fulfil those expectations but overall, looking back where we were, you have to be clear as well with what we have to do, but very clear that this is not where we want to be, that we want to be in a completely different position, challenging really for the top teams and that that’s the aim and that this is not going to stop here.

“That is another step that was very necessary because it wasn’t only about where we are in the league table. We have had much deeper issues at the club than the league table, in my opinion. Now they have been resolved. Now they look very, very strong and that we have the real strong foundations now to build what we want to do.”

Everton fans defeated Crystal Palace in their last match by coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 in the second half of the game.

The fans were emotional and took over the pitch after the final whistle but Arteta frowns at the act.

“We have to stop it and we have to minimise the risk and exposure of players and staff in this situation because you cannot control it and when you cannot control a situation and there are so many people involved in any event, then it becomes dangers and we have to do something about it.”



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