Antonio Conte: We have everything in our hands

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Tottenham need just a point to seal their Champions League spot ahead of Arsenal and Conte claims their destiny is now in the hands.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte claims the now have their destiny in their hands ahead of the final Premier League game.

The London club will play relegated side Norwich needing just one points to seal their Champions League dream ahead of Arsenal.

Speaking to Spurs TV after training on Friday, Antonio told us: “It’s a big achievement to be in this position and to play the last game of the season with the possibility of getting into the Champions League.”

Conte replaced former Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santos as Tottenham, following his ups and downs he finally brought the team close to a positive ending.

“It means that we did a really great job. But we have to finish this job. Now, everything is in our hands, and it would be a pity not to get that place in the Champions League.”

When asked what had impressed him most since his arrival, Conte responded: “I’ve been impressed with the improvement of every single player, in many aspects, not only technical and tactical, but also the mentality.

“I always say, I was lucky to find this group of players, because from the first day they showed me great commitment and desire to improve and to go another step. When a manager finds this situation, he must be pleased. To see these great improvements is the greatest satisfaction for me.”

Conte added that it would be an “amazing” achievement for Spurs to qualify given the state of the club when he joined in November.

“The whole season is behind this game, and we can reach something amazing for us because I think no one could imagine Tottenham in the top four this season,” he added.

“This must be a big push for us because we work very hard and we deserve to stay in this position. And now everything is in our hands, not in the hands of the others. And for this reason we want to get it.

“To finish in the top four it means a lot for everybody because top players, top coaches and top clubs want to play this competition and not other competitions.

“To have this opportunity is vital for us for many reasons. The club receive money to participate in this competition which is very important. We have to try to do all our best and if we remember the way that we started in November for sure it is a big achievement for the improvement this team did.

“At the same time it is important that we don’t forget our path, it was a difficult path. It is important for the club to understand what we did together but not without problems.”




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