Barcelona chief reveal amount that can save club

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Barcelona Chief has revealed the amount the Spanish club needs to get out of the financial woes.

Barcelona vice president Eduard Romeu has stated that the Spanish club needs up to €500million (£428m) to be saved from financial issue.

Romeu stated that the issues at Barcelona started due to a ‘patrimonial imbalance’ and that they could have registered €150m (£128m) more in losses if they did nothing about the situation.

He also claims the financial difficulties was inherited following years of financial mismanagement under their former president Josep Bartomeu and his predecessors.

The LaLiga giants have been in a financial crisis for some time, with Laporta announcing a £1.15billion debt in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic, which forced Barcelona’s matches to be played behind closed doors for 18 months, also played a role in the economic downfall of the club.

When asked to define the current economic situation of the club, Romeu said it was still ‘critical’ and that they needed €500m reach an equilibrium.

Speaking to Sport, Romeu said: “It is still critical, but the advantage compared to a year ago is that we know where we are and we have the problem detected. We know what the drama is.”

When asked about how much money it would take to pull Barcelona out of the financial hole they are in, Romeu said €500m.

The economics expert said: “The number that does the most damage is that of the patrimonial imbalance. Negative funds of €500m. Some €150m losses could be added to this course if we did nothing.

He went on to add: “I already said it one day, if someone wants to make me a man, give me €500m. It is what we need to save Barca.”

Romeu was then asked whether Bartomeu was to blame for the financial circumstances at the club.

He said: “The situation is what it is. It comes from heredity. Of the things that have been done and have not been done well and of those that have not been done.”

“If we talk about the Espai Barca, which is essential, it will cause three years with less ordinary income, for example.”

Barcelona announced their plans to revolutionise the Nou Camp in October 2021 – shortly after revealing the club were £1.15billion debt.

Barca released their new plans to renovate their stadium as part of the ‘Espai Barca’ makeover that was designed to transform the club’s facilities.

Barcelona are still looking to go ahead with the renovations as they are eager to make the club’s 90,000-seater stadium one ‘that is at the avantgarde of technology’.

Barcelona will also create more facilities for supporters, including new VIP areas, while the seats inside the stadium – the fourth largest football arena in the world – will also be bigger after the plans are completed.

The new stadium will have ‘sustainability at the DNA of the project’ with solar panels on the new Nou Camp stadium, with geothermal energy and a new water recycling system placed underneath the ground.

A new hotel, set of club offices, a parking lot for buses and a pavilion with an ice rink will also be constructed as part of the proposed renovation plans.



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