Chelsea vs Man City review.

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Chelsea lost to 1-0 to Manchester City in the Premier League on Saturday as the Etihad side dominated the game.

Pep Guardiola have lost to Thomas Tuchel three times before the game but the Spaniard did his home well before the victory.

Jesus Gabriel lone goal gave the Etihad side the well deserves victory in game Chelsea defended with their last sweat.

After the game Thomas Tuchel stated that they were not on their best level against Manchester City.

“We were never on our highest level. You cannot expect to get a result. It could turn around maybe with one header but we have to accept it was not our best game”, Tuchel said.

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“We did not have ball possession to hurt them, to grow in confidence. It never happened in the first half or the second half. Until the goal, we defended the box very well but the performance was not complex enough.

“We were not on our very best level and you need the best level to push the game against this side.”

On the other hand, Pep Guardiola broke the record of the manager with most win for Manchester City.

He further stated that victory over Chelsea was the best performance for his side in the last 6 month.

“I would say this season,” Guardiola said when asked if the win at Chelsea was City’s best performance in six months.

“In the last months we have done many good games otherwise you cannot win the Premier League and be runners-up in Champions League.

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“It’s incredible what these players have done. People say the Champions League was a disaster.  We played 13 games, won 11, drew one and lost one.

“When this happens it is exceptional, that helps us and now we go to Paris to play.

“I have the feeling the players are there and want to do another good season for our people.”


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