Chris Eubank Jr., Liam Smith apologise after comment

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Chris Eubank and Liam Smith have apologised for their foul comments during a press conference.

Boxing duo Chris Eubank Jr. and Liam Smith have apologised for their comments in a news conference which  ugly scenes on Thursday ahead of their middleweight bout on Saturday.

Eubank was subjected to anti-gay comments while Smith was subjected to taunts about social class. When the organisers tried to halt the chaos Eubank said “there’s no lines anymore.”

During the weigh-in on Friday, Eubank wore a rainbow armband on his right arm. He also wore a Manchester United kit. Smith is a renowned supporter of United’s rivals Liverpool.

Boxxer, Smith’s promoter and Eubank’s co-promoter condemned the comments of both fighters.

Ben Shalom, a promoter for Boxxer, said: “Tensions were high and the fighters have apologised. Liam has apologised.”

Smith began the news conference with taunts about Eubank’s sexuality and used a strong swear word against his opponent on multiple occasions. Eubank responded with an insult about Smith’s home city, Liverpool.

Eubank admitted the conference “escalated quickly” into “personal” attacks but said it is natural given the situation the two fighters are in.

“Everybody reacts in different ways to getting ready to fight another man,” he said.

“He’s so hellbent on trying to prove he’s not rattled that he just went off the rails and I had to put him in line. We both went there, it got personal. That’s okay.

“Boxing is personal, fighting another man is one of the most personal things you can do. So I get it.”

Smith said he was responding to Eubank’s attacks, despite admitting he doesn’t like the 33-year-old.

“I just replied to some of stuff he says,” he said. “I don’t hate the man but I just don’t like him. I’d never have a cup of tea with him.

“We’re two polar opposites. I don’t hate the man, I don’t go to bed hating him.”

The face-off which followed passed without further issues.



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