Potter insists Mudryk needs to adapt to league

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Graham Potter has insisted that the club’s new signing Mykhailo Mudryk needs to adapt to the Premier League as he just came in from a new league.

Chelsea head coach Graham Potter has stated that the Mykhailo Mudryk will need to adapt to the Premier League following his move from the Ukrainian team Shakhtar Donetsk.

The former Brighton manager believed there is a good chance the Ukrainian winger could make his debut at some point during the Blues visit to Anfield in the Premier League.

“He’s settled in really good. He’s a young player, an exciting player, fantastic speed one-v-one, can attack the back line. Now we’ve just got to help him adapt to the Premier League, adapt to us,” Potter said ahead of Liverpool game.

Potter added that: “He’s obviously come from a mid-season break so hasn’t played so much football recently, but has been training well, so we’ll assess him and see how much he can play at the weekend.

“There’s a chance he could make his debut. It’s how much he can do. I think 90 minutes no, but there’s probably a role for him at some stage in the game.

“You’ve just got to help him understand and help everyone understand that he’s coming from a different country, a different league, so he has to adapt. He’s a young player who’s got a lot of potential, a lot of upside, but at the same time he’s had some really good experiences already. So he’s an exciting player.”

Chelsea will meet Liverpool as they continue their top quest in the Premier League and Joao Felix who is on loan from Athletico Madrid will be unavailable as he serves the second match of his three-game suspension following a red card at Fulham, with his potential return being at West Ham on 11 February. There are no suspensions for Liverpool.



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