Declan Rice perfect fit for Arsenal says Wilshere

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Jack Wilshere says Declan Rice would be a ‘perfect fit’ for Arsenal.

Former Arsenal player Jack Wilshere has urged the West Ham captain to make the move from east to north London and says he would thrive and develop as a player under Mikel Arteta’s stewardship.

“He’s a midfielder who can do anything,” Wilshere said. “Anyone who supports any club would want Dec to join.

“If I’m talking from a selfish point of view, in north London, I think he would be very good under Mikel’s watch.

“Mikel would develop him, bring him on even more and he would be massive for the team as well. I have had conversations with Dec and told him what he is doing in unbelievable, he is captain of a big Premier League club and is always learning.

“You have to be respectful to West Ham, that is his club, but his future is in his hands and it’s very exciting for him because he’s got everything with him now and he’s picking up more and more, he’s growing into this man who could play anywhere.

“I’m looking forward to wherever he goes. I hope it is Arsenal, it would be a massive signing and a perfect fit.”


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