Southgate believes Saka hunger has create a good path

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Gareth Southgate believes Bukayo Saka’s hunger has put his game on another level.

Arsenal player Bukayo Saka has grown and develop well after the penalty loss against Italy in the Euro.

The 21-year-old made England’s first goal and scored a sublime second as they beat Ukraine 2-0 at Wembley on Sunday to maintain their 100 percent start to Euro 2024 qualifying in Group C after Thursday’s 2-1 win against Italy.

Saka has scored 17 goals for club and country this season and has seven from his last 12 international starts. It is a marked improvement on his previous form and Southgate said: “That is the ruthless part he has added to his game in the last 18 months or so. There were times you weren’t sure he was going to finish, but now he has that confidence in front of goal.

“I just think when he’s in front of goal now, he plays with real belief. That is evident with his club and it is evident in the games with us. You are expecting him to score now when he goes through and that’s been a mentality shift as much as anything technical. He’s always had the technique.

“I think he knows to be a really top wide player you need the number of goals and assists and without a doubt he has delivered that all season.

“His hunger, his humility is what has got him on a good path. He has all the attributes to continue to improve and learn because that’s how he’s wired and I don’t see that changing with how he is and how his family are.

“He’s got great support around him and all those things are important for a young player. I’m not going to get drawn into where he sits in world football because that would then be starting to put him in danger of doing all the things we shouldn’t be doing with him. He’s progressing brilliantly, he’s a joy to work with and we should leave it at that.”


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