Devils reign in their kingdom but Jesus impressed

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The Devils neautralized the weapon Arsenal brought to Old Trafford as they reign in their kingdom in the presence of Jesus and the Gabriels.

Like I said earlier, this is not spiritual but a huge game against two serious rivals in the Premier League.

Manchester United hosted and defeated Arsenal at Old Trafford breaking the unbeaten run of the Gunners.

The Red Devils had a slow start in the Premier League after they lost their first two games in the League.

Arsenal on the other had have been flexing their muscle on smaller teams in the Premier League but failed to turn up when they faced tough test.

Some of the Arsenal fans had confidence before the game thinking will be another stepping stone to remain at the top.

But thing turned around as the weapon in their Arsenal didn’t have effect on the Devils in their kingdom.

Despite having the presences of a prophet (Jesus) and some angels (Mikel/Michael and the Gabriels) the Gunners still lost the battle.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Jesus did a good job to deliver the children of Emirate from the Red Devils but all is effort were all in vain.

He did well to give Bukayo Saka an assist but they were unable to capitalize on the goal they scored in the second half.

On the other hand new signing Antony announced himself at Old Trafford following his goal in the first half.

Though he didn’t do enough like the hype and the money but was better on the pitch till he was brought out of the game.

Rashford who was poor in game scored two goals before he made way in the second half of the game.

What a win for the Red Devils who neutralized the weapon Gunners brought to Old Trafford.

Can the capitalize on the momentum or is this just a camouflage?



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