Liverpool: Red not a danger colour anymore

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Liverpool are finding it hard to win matches in the Premier League, seems the Red colour is not dangerous.

It is known that Red is a colour that scares people, as it is recognized as a colour of danger.

At war when the red flag is raised then it signifies that the war should start or means it is getting heated.

Likewise when we spot the red light on the traffic light it means you should stop, which means it dangerous to go.

But for the case of Liverpool in the Premier League it is no more a dangerous colour as most teams are not scared of the anymore.

At the beginning of the season the team conceded a goal first in the hands of a newly promoted side Fulham.

We all thought they would bounce back in their next game only for Jurgen Klopp’s men to play another draw against Crystal Palace.

Bring on Manchester United and we will destroy them like we did last season their fans shouted but it all ended in tears for the Reds at Old Trafford.

The suffered their first defeat of the season in the hands on a team that lost 4-0 to Brentford, pathetic.

After 2-1 defeat to Manchester United the Reds went on to demolish newly promoted side Bournemouth 9-0 and we all thought the Reds are back.

Liverpool got a controversial 2-1 win against Newcastle United in the Premier League, going on to score 3 minutes after the real added time, LiVARpool!!!

After accumulating 6 points from Bournemouth and Newcastle United, then thought Everton was the next stop to steal three points from but the Blue Merseyside team showed their real side.

Liverpool was unable to beat a struggling Everton side in the Premier League, ohh my God!!!, who else do the Reds want to beat, or should they give them Bournemouth week in week out till the season end? That is impossible.

What exactly is the problem of Liverpool? Seems the colour Red is not dangerous anymore.



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