Eddie Howe Slams VAR, Fearing it Would ‘Ruin’ Football

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Eddie Howe, has strongly criticized the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, expressing concern that its implementation could potentially “ruin” the essence of football.

Newcastle’s manager, Eddie Howe, strongly criticized VAR, saying it would “ruin” football. The debate over VAR’s effectiveness intensified after a controversial decision went against Newcastle in their Champions League match against PSG, costing them a potential victory. Interestingly, Newcastle had previously benefited from a contentious decision against Arsenal in the Premier League.

During Howe’s press conference before their upcoming game against Manchester United, he expressed his preference for less VAR involvement in matches. When asked about his opinion on VAR, Howe stated, “I’d like to see less VAR.”

VAR,  (Video Assistant Referee), has been a topic of heated discussion in football. Some argue it has caused more harm than good due to inconsistent decisions and controversial calls affecting crucial moments in matches. Howe’s frustration adds to the ongoing debate surrounding the use of technology in refereeing decisions.

The recent incident involving Newcastle and PSG reignited the conversation about VAR’s impact on the game. The late penalty awarded to PSG stirred outrage among Newcastle supporters and raised questions about the fairness and accuracy of VAR decisions.

However, it’s important to note that Newcastle themselves had previously experienced a similar situation when a controversial decision went in their favor against Arsenal. This instance highlights the unpredictable nature of VAR and its influence on the outcome of games.

Ahead of their match against Manchester United, Howe’s stance on VAR suggests a growing sentiment among football figures who believe that the system needs reevaluation. Many share the view that reducing VAR interventions could help preserve the essence and flow of the game.

Eddie Howe’s criticism of VAR echoes the sentiments of many in the football community. The ongoing debate surrounding VAR’s impact on the sport continues, with calls for a reexamination of its role in refereeing decisions to maintain the integrity and excitement of football matches.

“I don’t have an issue with offsides because that is as close as it can be to being right, whether you agree with the decision, the lines give you a black and white yes or no. The rest, I’m not in favour.

“I still think it’s just another person’s opinion against another person’s opinion. It’s very subjective. I’d like to see less. I definitely wouldn’t want to see more because I think it would ruin the game.”



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