Erik Ten Hag show he means business at United

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Erik Ten Hag is proving to mean business at his new club Manchester United.

It shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel for Manchester United with the Erik Ten Hag following his move from Ajax to the English club.

Following the dismissal of Ole Gunner Solskjaer and the few months interim reign of Ralf Rangnick the club finally settle with the Dutch to lead the club.

Erik Ten Hag, according to some players that has worked with him revealed how disciplined he always want his players to be.

It was revealed before he came to Old Trafford that he has a particular way he wants his team to play and any player that is not ready will find his way back to the bench.

During his first week of arrival and meeting with some of the players it was revealed that he gave some certain rules for the team which must be followed.

According to the some of the rules are

  • Players will be dropped if late for training or team meetings. …
  • Alcohol is prohibited during game weeks. …
  • All players must eat what is prepared by club chefs. …
  • Body mass index (BMI) to be checked every month.
  • Players to address complaints directly to him rather than their agents

This shows that if players do not follow is rule they might find it hard to get into the team or might face suspension week in week out.

Another reason that he means business at the club the way he wants his players to play on the pitch as this could be sighted in some of the preseason games.

After Manchester Unied win against Liverpool in the friendly in Australia, the Dutch stated that he spotted some mistakes that they will need to work and improve.

Ten Hag is one of the manager that wants the maximum from his players and want it to be done the way he want it to be done or else they face the wrath of the from Ajax manager.

Recently, the are words that a players was dropped from featuring in a match just because he came late to the meeting as he insisted that lateness will not be tolorated.

This shows Ten Hag his not a manager that will pamper player but a strict manager that will show you the exit door if you don’t complile to his demand.

Definietly, Manchester United have got themselves the type of manager that can lead the team to success.



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