Exercises that can grow your muscles

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Staying active in the place of exercise is important as it has its own benefit to the body as exercises keep the body and soul i perfect shape.

The are different exercises you can do to keep the body in good shape and also help your immune system.

This article is focused on exercises that you can do that will help you grow your muscles.

People are best able to build their muscle mass by performing the right exercises and eating particular foods.

People can grow their muscle when challenge their muscles with higher levels of resistance or weight. This process is known as muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle hypertrophy occurs when the fibers of the muscles sustain damage or injury. The body repairs damaged fibers by fusing them, which increases the mass and size of the muscles.

Their some exercise you can do without lifting heavy irons and you will be able to build your muscles.

How to build the chest muscles.

 Incline push up: This is one of many exercises you can do to build the chest muscles. When doing this you place your hand on the wall and then keep your body straight and your spine neutral, and lower your chest to the surface you’re leaning against.

Chest dip: The chest dip is a great exercise to use to target the muscles of the chest. It will also indirectly work the muscles of the triceps and shoulders as well. When doing this you rip a parallel bar slightly outside shoulder-width level. · Raise yourself so you can stand over the dip bar with your elbows fully.

How to build the arm muscles.

The most famous technique for building arm muscles is the curl, which increases the size of the biceps.

Curls can be done with dumbbells, a barbell, or a machine. Choose a weight you can lift 8 to 12 times in a row. If you use dumbbells or a barbell, make sure you keep your elbows at your side and don’t move them as you lift the weights. While doing this stand with feet about hip-width apart, abs engaged as you hold medium-heavy dumbbells in front of the thighs.

The close-gripbench press: It is a double as a biceps exercise and a triceps exercise. Lie back on a bench and grasp the barbell on the stand above your head, but keep your hands about 18 inches apart.

How to build the leg muscles.

The front squat: It is a squat variation that allows for even greater degrees of knee flexion (deeper knee flexion equates to more quadriceps involvement). In doing so, like the high bar back squat, you minimize loading on the hamstrings and glutes, as well as the lower back, and in turn, maximize the need for the quadriceps to accommodate the volume and respond (muscle growth).

The leg press: It is a machine for building quad size and strength, however, it is also the one leg machine that nearly everyone does wrong. Make sure you perform these in the fullest ranges of motion, often maxing out your pain-free knee flexion angles and often using much lower loads that you are used to.





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