Firmino: Liverpool will compete for quadruple this season

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Roberto Firmino insists that Liverpool will compete for the quadruple this season after they failed last time.

Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino believes the Reds will hit hard this season and compete for the quadruple.

The Reds has started their campaign in grand style after their victory over Manchester City in the community shield.

“I feel grateful for last season. I don’t want to diminish the achievement of the two trophies, but we were chasing all four and unfortunately it wasn’t to be,” Firmino told Liverpool official wbesite.

“Who knows this season? We’ll go after all four trophies again, but it’s about taking things step by step, working very hard to get there. Of course it’s possible and our focus is to win all four trophies.

“We will compete for all four, but it depends on the work we do and how we progress. Our focus is to compete in and win all four competitions.”

Liverpool missed out on the Premier League on the last day following a comeback of Manchester City against Aston Villa.

The Reds also suffered defeat against Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Paris.

“It helped me a lot,” Firmino recalled of the parade.

“Personally speaking, I was really hurting after losing another final and it was an incredible feeling to see such a welcome from all the fans there to celebrate with us.

“We had won two trophies, of course, which is worth celebrating. It was really rewarding. I’m grateful to God for our fans, for their effort and the constant support they always provide us with.

“It was an incredible experience for us. It served to motivate and strengthen us even further in preparation for this coming season.

“We’d already experienced a parade when we won the Champions League. That was a unique day, but once again the fans showed how much they love and support us to do our best. It was another incredible day that I’ll remember forever, an important moment in my life story.”



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