Gerrard brought in different energy to Aston Villa

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Mikel Arteta hails Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard ahead of their match in the Premier League, points Coutinho has a dangerous man.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta hails Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard for the incredible job done at the club.

Gerrard has change things around for the club since his arrival and Arteta has stated that he is impressed with the way he has turn the club around.

Arsenal will travel to Aston Villa later today in a Premier League clash as the Gunners seek to secure their top 4 race.

Speaking about Gerrard ahead of their clash as the Villa park Arteta said: “They have had some positive results in the last few games. He’s changed the shape, he’s changed a few things that the team is doing. He’s brought a different energy again to that stadium I think. I’m impressed with what he’s doing.

“He was a terrific player, really intelligent. He had everything. He had aggression, he had the quality, he had the goal threat, he had the leadership, the presence on the pitch, he was tough.

“I think he’s got on very, very well so far and what he did at Rangers I think it’s remarkable and I don’t know if he gets the credit that he should do because I’ve played there, I know how that club goes and how he turned it around and what he’s done at Villa, so I think so far he’s done really well.”

Gerrard has gotten talents in his team and one of them you can’t fail to mention is former Liverpool player Coutinho.

The Brazilian has been effective for the Villa side and done an incredible job as Arteta claims the former Reds player is dangerous.

“Obviously the team activates a lot of things when he’s on the ball and he’s in dangerous areas,” Arteta said about Coutinho. He’s contributed a lot when he’s in their attacking phase, so obviously it’s something that he need to bear in mind.

“His ability to create goals, and to create chances, and to unlock spaces when they don’t exist. That’s a quality that he had (and continues to have), when he was at Liverpool.”



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