Lage: Red card decision is strange

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Bruno Lage claims the red card decision against them in the Leeds United was strange.

Wolves manager Bruno Lage says the red card decision against them in the Premier League was strange.

Wolves squandered a 2-0 first lead in the game to lose 3-2 to Leeds United in the Premier League yesterday.

Raul Jimenez was sent off in the early minutes of the second half and Lage has called it a strange decision.

Speaking after the game Lage said: “Everyone saw what happened. It was a strange thing, all the bad decisions given against us. I know one of my assistants spoke with the referee and the situation, he saw the images and he continued with the same opinion that it was a foul from Raul.

“I think it was body contact from both players, they tried to win the ball, so when you have the chance to see like you did on TV, like he did, he continued with the same decision.

“I know I have nothing more to say about it. It was just strange that he continued the same opinion that it was a good decision, but this is life, and we have to move on.”

He added that they were the better team in the game when they played 11 vs 11 and insists he is proud of what his players did.

“The key moment of the game was how we played in the first 45 minutes. That was the key point of the game and the positive of the game. We were the better team.

“Eleven against 11, we were the better team. We were much better than our opponent. After that, I see the image and it’s more serious than what happens on the pitch.

“What I am is proud of my players because of what we did in the first 45 minutes, because it was very good.”



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