Gerrard calls for punishment to tackle Racism.

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Steven Gerrard calls for punishment in other to tackle racism.

Ranger’s manager Steven Gerrard has called for punishment in other to tackle racism after Glen Kamara was targeted.

The Europa League match was originally ordered to be played behind closed doors because Monaco’s Aurelius Tchouameni was abused by Sparta fans last season.

UEFA in its place agreed to allow a 10,000 crowd of schoolchildren, but Kamara was booed anytime he holds the ball before he was sent off in the match.

“If they’re facts and that is the truth and the case then I’m extremely disappointed – but not surprised.

“What I’m saying is we need the facts. We need confirmation if that’s the truth or not the truth before I comment.

“But if that’s the case and they were targeting Glen it’s extremely disappointing because the reason there’s a lot of kids in the stadium is because of previous similar incidents. So of course it’s extremely disappointing if the fact is that was the case.

“There needs to be more done. Not just myself but everyone across the world is asking for more and bigger, better and more extreme punishments in terms of racism. It needs to be eradicated.

“But until the powers that be do more and treat it more seriously – until that happens – we’re going to be dealing with these questions for a long time.”

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