Terry urges authority to ban heading.

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Terry Butcher urges authority to ban heading in football.

Former England player Terry Butcher has urge football authority to ban heading in football due to brain trauma.

Terry believes football can do away with heading in other to rule out trauma particularly at pace.

He stated that people take heading with levity and do not know its something that can harm players in future.

‘I think [heading] is something that has been strong, particularly in Britain with the way that we used to play, but not so much now,” Terry said.

‘I think it’s something that we can do without.

‘It would rule out the trauma of heading a football particularly at pace – brain trauma, because your brain is going to rattle against your skull. You’re looking at aerial collisions where you know you have no real control.

‘I don’t think that people actually realise the importance of this and realise that there’s something in football that can be catastrophic for players in the future.

‘The tackles now are really watered down from what they were in my era because of the risk of a red card. Heading can adapt as well.

‘I think the fans just love seeing good football being played.’

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