Giannis “Surprised” by Griffin Firing, Trusts Bucks’ Leadership

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 Giannis Antetokounmpo, expressed his surprise over the firing of first-year head coach Adrian Griffin. Despite the unexpected move, Giannis conveys trust in the Bucks’ leadership, emphasizing his confidence in the team’s decision-makers.


In a surprising turn of events for the Milwaukee Bucks, two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo expressed his shock at the firing of first-year head coach Adrian Griffin.

Despite the team’s success with a 30-13 record, Griffin was dismissed, marking the first time a coach with such a high winning percentage has been let go since David Blatt in 2015-16.

Antetokounmpo, following a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, voiced his trust in the decision-makers within the Bucks’ front office and ownership group.

He emphasized his role in focusing on being the best version of himself to lead the team to victory while acknowledging the surprise surrounding Griffin’s departure.

General manager Jon Horst, shedding light on the decision, explained that the move was aimed at improving the coaching level to maximize the team’s championship window for the current season.

Horst highlighted that the decision was driven by the team’s leadership and not influenced by player input.

Reports from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski indicate that Doc Rivers is set to become the Bucks’ next coach, with an agreement in principle reached. However, Horst refrained from commenting until an official deal was confirmed.

Antetokounmpo, despite his vocal criticism of the team’s performance throughout the season, refuted any notion of a strained relationship with Griffin. He emphasized the positive history between them, stating that he had even invited Griffin to his wedding.

The star player also clarified that decisions about coaching hires are not solely player-driven but involve input from various trusted individuals.

In their first game since Griffin’s departure, the Bucks secured a convincing victory against the Cavaliers, with Antetokounmpo delivering an outstanding triple-double performance.

Teammate Damian Lillard also expressed surprise at Griffin’s dismissal and acknowledged that Milwaukee has yet to play to its full potential, recognizing the challenges that come with the ups and downs of a team’s journey to success.



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