Union Berlin Coach Red-Carded for Striking Leroy Sané in Face

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Union Berlin’s coach, Nenad Bjelica, was sent off after striking Bayern Munich forward Leroy Sané in the face during Wednesday’s match, adding a dramatic twist to the game’s narrative.


In a closely contested match on Wednesday, Raphaël Guerreiro secured a crucial victory for Bayern Munich with the sole goal against Union Berlin.

However, the game was marred by an explosive incident involving Union Berlin’s coach, Nenad Bjelica, who was red-carded in the 74th minute for aggressively shoving Bayern’s Leroy Sané in the face.

The altercation unfolded as Sané demanded the ball from Bjelica for a throw-in, leading to a heated confrontation.

Speaking to German broadcaster Sky Sport, Bjelica admitted fault, stating, “It is not to be tolerated, what I did.”

He attributed his emotional reaction to a preceding penalty appeal that went unanswered, leaving Union players aggrieved. Bjelica even alleged that Sané had initiated physical contact.

The repercussions for Bjelica are significant, as he could face a lengthy suspension. Union Berlin, grappling with relegation concerns, is set to face Darmstadt in their upcoming match on Sunday.

Despite the controversy, Bayern Munich’s win keeps them in pursuit of the Bundesliga title, trailing league leader Bayer Leverkusen by a mere four points.

The incident adds a dramatic twist to the season as both teams navigate their respective challenges on and off the pitch.



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