Guardiola believes City would face criticism if spent like Chelsea

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Pep Guardiola emphasizes that Manchester City would face heavy criticism if they matched Chelsea’s extravagant spending in the transfer market.

Chelsea has invested close to £1 billion in the past 15 months, with recent acquisitions like midfielders Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia, who were signed for a combined fee of £173 million this week.

Guardiola said: “I couldn’t sit here if we spent what Chelsea spent in the last two transfer windows – you would kill me.

“You will kill me, that is for sure. We’d be under scrutiny like you couldn’t imagine. We have to see what happens in the market and if we can do it and to pay what we believe is fair.

“We wanted (Harry) Maguire and didn’t buy him because we didn’t want to pay, we wanted (Marc) Cucurella and didn’t pay, we wanted Alexis Sanchez and didn’t pay.

“In the end we will pay what is fair to do it. Otherwise we have the academy. We won’t be desperate just to get another player.

“I don’t criticise Chelsea for one second. I’m saying if we do it, we are dead, all around the world. People’s mindset has to change – everyone spends a lot. Not just City.”


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