Guardiola challenge City on title race

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Manchester City reclaimed their first position after a win against Leeds United but Guardiola now challenge his player on title race.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has challenged his side on the title race as he says their fate is in their hands.

Guardiola’s men defeated Leeds United 4-0 in other to reclaim their first position on the League table.

The points still remain the same as the Etihad side are one point ahead of Liverpool who are also in form.

Speaking after yesterday’s victory Guardiola said: “It’s in our hands.

“Wolves, Newcastle, West Ham and Aston Villa. We win (them all and) we will be champions – we drop points Liverpool will be champions.

“We know exactly what we need to do – win our games.

“Still it is a privilege and an honour to try win back to back titles and four Premier Leagues in five years.

“Right now it’s not too much complicated, they are going to win their games.”

Reflecting on the performance of his player and the formation of the Leeds United team the Spaniard stated that the didn’t expect a back five from their opponent.

He added that their opponent’s formation made them struggle a little bit though they started very well in the game.

“We started really well but didn’t expect five in the back and we were surprised but after the goal we suffered a lot, we conceded transitions.

“But after second goal from Ake, we created a lot of chances and so ahead of the Champions League second leg, this is a really good result

“I think the scoreline was more comfortable than it really was but I couldn’t expect differently.

“We tried to put away what happened against Real Madrid and focus on the Premier League, fighting.

“We responded so well, defended well – Aymeric, Ruben, Gundo were fantastic. Sterling was so aggressive. I try to involve everyone and they did really well.”



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