Guardiola insists City is not thinking of revenge

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Pep Guardiola has stated the past is the past and is not thinking of the revenge against European Champions Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is seeking to get his side to the final in the Champions League as he face last year semi final opponent Real Madrid.

The Spanish side did a miraculous comeback against City to qualify for the final last season.

The two team will meet in Spain for the first leg of the semi final and Guardiola said he is not thinking about revenge.

“We arrived here last season with encouragement to get to the final,” said Guardiola.

“We played really good in both games. But it was not enough.

“But what happened in the past is the past. We are not here for revenge. It’s just another opportunity.

“As much as we are here, one day we will get it. One day we will reach the final and we will win it. We come here to do this this season.

“Last season we also came here to reach the final and win it. But it didn’t happen because we played against Real Madrid and in this competition they know exactly what they have to do.

“As much as we play against them or the other top teams in Europe, much closer we will be.”


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