Guardiola wants La Liga to learn from Premier League

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Pep Guardiola says LaLiga and Spanish football should learn a lesson from the Premier League about how to fight racism on the pitch.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has stated that the La Liga should learn the strict way of tackling racism from Premier League.

Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr. has suffered racism in the Spanish League this season.

The Brazilian witnessed another during their match against Valencia last week in the League.

Man City manager Guardiola  responded to the Vinicius Jr racism storm in Spain in his press conference this afternoon.

The former Barcelona player and boss admitted, though, that he is ‘not optimistic’ about things getting better in his home country anytime soon.

Guardiola said : “They should [La Liga learn from the Premier League]. Here they are so strict [on fighting racism]. They know what they have to do. This is a problem eveywhere.

“For all generations everywhere. Our ancestors come from migrants, wars and have to move on from countries. Build families there and come back to where you’re born.


“The problem is that there is racism everywhere. We all need to treat people as human beings but we are far away from that.

“Hopefully we can get better in Spain, but I’m not optimistic.”


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