Jack Grealish responds to Souness’ criticism

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Jack Grealish has responded to Graeme Souness’ comment after the pundit criticized the former Aston Villa player ahead of England Nations League match against Italy.

Manchester City forward Jack Grealish was criticized by former Liverpool player Graeme Souness as he is preparing to represent England in the Nations League.

Sportscliffs earlier reported that Souness stated that the former Aston Villa player has not improved and got fouled too much because he failed to get the picture on time.

Grealish is not sitting back on his comment this time as he responded to the comment of the pundit stating that “I don’t know what his problem is with me. He always says stuff about me”.

“I try not to read a lot of it. It is difficult when he’s on Sky Sports and it’s everywhere around the training ground at times. He was obviously a great player and won a lot but I don’t know what it is with what he says about me or what problem he’s got.

“I know my own ability. I know before he used to say a lot of stuff about me not moving the ball quicker, but when I’m playing for a manager like Pep Guardiola and he’s telling me to keep the ball as much as I can and have balls to take it everywhere, that’s what I’ll try to do.

“Obviously I am always going to have people (criticising) if I’m not playing well. I always watch my games back and I am very critical of myself. I know there were games, especially in the second half of last season, where I wasn’t at my best at all. I’ll always have people on the back of me but I’ve just got to try to go and perform.”

When asked if criticism about his performances affects him mentally, Grealish replied: “There’s not much you can do, really. It probably affects my family more than me. Nowadays, people have so much to say, whether that be on social media or pundits and stuff like that. I’ve had to learn to deal with it. If it was my mum or my dad, I’d listen a lot more”.



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