Kell Brook insist he might come in over weight

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Kell Brook claims he might pay fine as he insists he might come above the weigh limit ahead of their fight.

Kell Brook has told Amir Khan that he might come in over weight and pay a few hundred thousand fine ahead of their match.

There will be a 6 figure fine set in place of todays weigh-in for either of the fighter for every pound above the 149lbs limit they may weigh.

The feud between Kell Brook and Amir Khan will be settled on Saturday following their weigh in.

Sky Sports’ Matt Macklin said: “I think it is probably mind-games but I don’t think it’s out of the question that he comes in at 150lbs and thinks: ‘I’ll just swallow the fine, but I’ll be fresher and have more energy and think I can win’.

“But either way, he’s planted a seed in Amir’s head now. They’re going to be discussing that.”

Anthony Crolla said: “I think it is mind-games. Now it’s that point, if he’s a pound heavy, with what’s been said, Amir has to take the fight.

“But that pound could be a huge difference with the frame of Kell. It’s so interesting, so tough to call.

“If Kell is a much different animal, which he would be a few pounds heavier, alright he might get hit with a fine, but this isn’t just about money, this is personal.

“People aren’t going to think it gives Kell a huge advantage in who wins the fight, they’re not going to look back and say, ‘in that fight, Kell came in a few pounds heavier.'”

Brook is a former world welterweight champion (147lbs) who insists that former world super-lightweight champion (140lbs) Khan has imposed the 149lbs catchweight for their fight.

Brook said about his dislike of Khan: “It will be hard to curb it, but I will try to do that.

“It’s real, genuinely real. There is a dislike from both sides.

“People two people don’t like each other and want to win so badly, you get an amazing fight.

“We will stand and fight in the middle of the ring at times. He will want to be on the back foot and box.”




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