Klopp aims for better position ahead of break

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Jurgen Klopp reveals his aim ahead of the World cup break as he hopes for better returns for players selected to represent the national teams in the World cup.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp aimed for a better league position ahead of the World cup break coming up after their latest fixture.

The Reds will host Southampton in the Premier League late today following their win against Tottenham Hotspurs last week.

Liverpool are currently in the 8th position on the league table and the Klopp hopes to get a better position with a win when they play the Saints.

“Ideally, we would like to be going into the break for the World Cup in a better position in the Premier League and whatever happens today we need to use the gap between games as best as we possibly can”, Klopp made his intentions known.

Seven Liverpool players will be heading to represent their national teams in the world cup and Klopp hope for a better return for his players.

He added that other players who were not selected to play at the World cup will take advantage of the break.

“I also hope that when they return to us, they are in the best condition that the situation will allow. We will be watching their games and wishing them well.

“For the rest of us, it is a case of taking advantage of the break, recharging batteries and then being ready to return with a focus on being the very best that we can be once more.

“This is a season that is different, there is no question about that, but this does not mean we should not look to make the most of it just as we have in every other campaign.

“I am sure for our supporters it will be strange not being able to come to Anfield for the next six weeks so hopefully we can sign off in positive fashion today so that we can look forward to being reunited again next month with everything we have.”

On facing the Saints at Anfield, he added: “For our opponents Southampton it is the first game of a new era with Nathan Jones having succeeded Ralph Hasenhuttl as manager, so I would like to extend an especially warm welcome to Nathan and also to wish him well for the future.

“His is a story that I really like. If you love football, you pretty much have no option but to like his story. If you look at his career both as a player and a manager, he has never done it the easy way.

“He has served his apprenticeship, I would say, learning about football at different levels and in different countries, developing himself and the players he has worked with and now he has the biggest opportunity of his career so far.

“The other side of the story is one I like less, of course, because for one manager to get a new job another has to lose his. This is the nature of the business we are in, and we all accept that, but this does not make it any easier, especially when the manager involved has given as much as Ralph gave to Southampton.

“Again, I wish him only the very best and hope it will not be too long before Ralph returns to the game because it is clear that he has so much still to offer.”



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