Jurgen Klopp plays down title race challenge ahead of Hammers game

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Jurgen Klopp plays down title race challenge has he prepare for West Ham in the Premier League.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has played down the title race challenge ahead of his game against West Ham.

The Reds are 6 points behind league leaders in the Premier League and also have an outstanding game at hand.

When asked about he love chasing Manchester City in the Premier League Klopp stated that he just wants to win games and not comment on the title race.

“I enjoy the situation we are in, that’s true”, Klopp said. What I don’t enjoy but know as well [are the] questions about it, because it’s considered we won the games already, there are always a lot of games in between.

“I really want to win tomorrow, really. But if we lose, you all sit here and tell me the title race is over and these kinds of things. I don’t have enough capacity for all these different scenarios, I don’t really think about it.

“The only thing I think about is West Ham then Inter and Brighton and whatever. They’re all so difficult to play, I cannot think about what we can win at the end. I am barely smart enough to get enough concentration and maybe focus for one game, not the general situation.

“We are, obviously, not in the worst moment, but there are so many challenges ahead of us that I don’t feel in a chasing mood, or whatever, I just feel that we are hopefully ready tomorrow to face West Ham in a better way than we did when we played them there [at the London Stadium]”.

Klopp further spoke on the confidence of his players after winning the Carabao cup against Chelsea at Wembley.

“The boys are confident, they were confident before. Yes, what is a big difference is it is a while ago we had a final and feeling the size of a final, especially when it is at Wembley, 50/50, massive crowd, noise, sensational atmosphere.

“Smelling that [and] experiencing that is really cool and, definitely, we want to have that more often again, that’s true. I said it now a couple of times when the final whistle [went], or the final shot or whatever, it didn’t feel any different to the Champions League final, it was no different and that’s cool.

“We want to have that more often; it doesn’t mean we will get it more, it just means we want it to have it more.”



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