Are they taking it too far on Russian teams?

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Are the Sport world taking it too far on Russian football clubs and National team.

It is no news about the ongoing invasion of Russia on Ukraine as innocent lives as been lost in the war.

During this invasion Russians have been dealt with by several other countries including the sports world.

Most of the countries and brand do not want to associate themselves with Russia due to the war.

One of the victims of this is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic who is about to put his club Chelsea for sale.

It was stated that his asset in the United Kingdom would be seized by the Government.

Currently he has been banned from entering the UK due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine by Russia.

Premier League teams have also suspended some of their deals with some Russian brand.

Everton suspended deals with all commercial and sponsorship activities with Russian companies USM, Megafon and Yota with immediate effect.

Manchester United terminated their sponsorship deal with Russia’s national airline Aeroflot last week following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Poland national team also stated that they would not play the world cup qualifier with Russia as other team also supported the decision.

Meanwhile, in Paralympics it was stated that athletes from Russia would participate neutrally without their flags, but the decision has been reversed as Russian athletes won’t compete in the tournament.

FIFA and UEFA recently also suspend the Russian Clubs and National team from participating their competition.

Recently, Russia National team captain was criticized for keeping silence on the Russia Ukraine incident.

The Captain Artem Dzyuba responded through is Instagram stating that he is not ashamed to be a Russian and insists why athletes should suffer for the what is going on in politics.

Honestly, I believe that the treatment the Russian football clubs and teams are getting is becoming unfair.

No one love it when killing is happening and why should politics be brought into sports.

Why should athletes who know nothing about the things that are happening in politics suffer the consequences.

How long with the innocent continue to suffer?

How long will this teams suffer for what is going on in politics.

Let me know what you think in the comment section box.






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