Should Maguire still captain Manchester United?

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Do you think Harry Maguire shoul remain Manchester United captain?

This is a serious question to ask after the expensive defender Harry Maguire has not played to expectation for the English club.

The England international was brought into the club during the time of Ole Gunner Solskjaer from Leicester has they were desperate to get a centre back.

Not long when he arrived, he was given the captain arm band by the coach despite having other senior players in the club.

Harry Maguire was expected to solve issues at the defense when he was brought in but rather causing havoc at the back of United.

This has been a major concern for the clubs and also the fans that pay to watch the horrible performance from their club captain.

Last season he made so many errors that cause Manchester United but they were lucky to make the Champions League spot.

This season Maguire has continued with his awful performance for the club and has made David De Gea look like a shot stopper that is not capable of doing his job very well.

Recently there were unrest in the dressing room and report said Manchester United interim manager stated that Cristiano Ronaldo should take up the captain band.

Though it looks tough just to strip off a captain off is duty like that but if the leader is not capable of leading what should be done.

To be honest Maguire has been awful than he has help the club and he should be on the bench and watch other centre backs help the club.

If Maguire should return to the bench, it remains that the captaincy should be taking away from him and given to a capable player that will lead the team.

Like I said earlier it is going to be a tough decision, but what do you think?

Should Maguire still remain the captain of Manchester United?

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