Klopp reveals reason behind Liverpool victory

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Jurgen Klopp couldn’t be more happy as his side got away with 1-0 win against ruthless Manchester City, as the German explained how they got their victory.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed the reason behind their victory against Manchester City at Anfield.

Mo Salah lone goal in the game gave the Reds the victory after VAR review canceled Phil Foden’s goal.

Liverpool intensity in the game was nothing but incredible as the kept City on their toes throughout the game.

Speaking about their game, Klopp said: “I think on a normal day you should not even try against City, play your normal against them and hope that you get something from it [is not enough]. You have to play to your limits and further, that’s what we did.

“We defended in an extremely well organised but very passionate way, closed the right gaps, challenged in the right areas and – because this still happens, and that’s the biggest challenge against City – they still get through.

“They still get to the touchline, they still have an incredible amount of players in the box and how we defended the box, and especially the six-yard box, was absolutely exceptional because I think we all know, in these games you all know the City goals when they arrive there and they have the square pass and one is waiting free in front of the goal.

“We did it really well. So it was a top performance from all the boys and that’s why we could win it.”

Klopp received a red card towards the end of the game after he complained to the referee for foul on Mo Salah that was ignored.

“It’s about emotion, of course. So, of course, red card, my fault. I went over the top in the moment, I don’t think I was disrespectful to anybody but when you look at the pictures back – I know myself for 55 years that the way I look in these moments is already worth a red card.

“I know that, who cares what I say? I lost it in that moment and that is not OK, but I think a little bit as an excuse I would like to mention, how can you not whistle that foul? How on earth is it possible? And I wish I could get an explanation.”



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