Klopp reveals special plan for Haaland

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Jurgen Klopp has claims their are plans set aside to stop Erling Haaland ahead of Liverpool clash against Manchester City.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that there is a special plan for Manchester City striker Erling Haaland ahead of their clash.

The Reds will face another tough test against the Premier League defending champion after a defeated in the League against Arsenal.

Haaland, who is the top goal scorer in the Premier League has been a danger man who has threaten defenders in the league.

Speaking on how to deal with the threat of the former Dortmund player, Klopp said: “Special plans against Haaland? Like always, obviously when you play against, for sure in the moment, the best striker in the world, you have to make sure that he doesn’t get that many balls – and that’s what you have to defend before you come into the challenge with him, so that’s what we will try.

“But against City obviously the problem is you if you close Haaland down with too many players then you open up gaps for all the other world-class players, so that will not make life easier. But it’s a challenge, it’s a football problem and we try to find solutions.”

Liverpool mood boosted during the week following their huge win against Rangers in the Champions League.

When asked how the win affect their confidence, Klopp said: “’Of course it changed the mood, how couldn’t it?’ But we are not, even when people think that maybe [we are], that dumb that we think that’s the only thing we needed to beat Man City. Nothing really to do with that.

“We still have to figure out who is available after the Rangers game for the City game and then we will make a line-up and then we will go in there. If we would have lost, we would have given it a try. And now we give it a try at Anfield with our people in our back against the best football team in the world. That’s a big challenge, but it always was and will always be. We always were looking forward to it and do this time.”




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