Klopp: scoreline doesn’t tell story of the game

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Jurgen Klopp believes the first leg scoreline can’t be the judge to the game against Benfica as Andy Robertson claims they can’t wait to finish the job at Anfield.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes the scoreline should not be the judge of the whole game against Benfica in the Champions League.

The Reds will go into the second legs of the tournament at Anfield with a 2 goals advantage against Benfica after their 3-1 victory away from home.

Speaking after the Champions League victory in Portugal Jurgen Klopp says scoreline can not tell the whole story of the game.

“It doesn’t tell the whole story, but the most important things of the story pretty much because we came here for a result. I didn’t expect the game being any easier, I knew”, Klopp said.

Klopp hails the Portuguese team for their performance as he stated earlier that he never expected an easy game against them.

“I have to say, big compliment to Benfica, they really fought for their lives, especially after we opened the door a little bit for them. It was clear when they scored that the crowd will be back and the atmosphere was really, really good. And good football teams tend to use that. But we could calm them down immediately a little bit with the three changes”, Klopp added.

“I think it helped. The other boys worked really hard but they have all a tough period they’re going through. That’s why it was helpful that we could bring fresh legs.

“We were in half-time today two goals up and we knew it wasn’t over. That’s exactly the same information we have now. Now they have to come to Anfield and we have to use that.”

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson also admit it was a tough game against Benfica as he claims they have lots of work to do in the return leg of the game at Anfield.

“It was a tough game. We were obviously on top [in the] first half, created good chances, probably could have went in a couple more up.

“Then we wanted to keep it tight and unfortunately we didn’t manage to do that. They obviously got a goal, which lifted the crowd, lifted them and they started winning balls, we started getting a bit sloppy and things like that.

“So, the third goal was big but there’s definitely still work to do. He [Diaz] got a nice reception from the start, obviously playing for one of their rivals and things like that. So, a good finish from him, a really important goal for us. It gives us a two-goal cushion, which makes a difference, and it’s important that we make that count now.

“Next week, it’s still a big game. We want to be in the semi-final and we’ve still got a lot of work to get there. But with our fans at our stadium, we can hopefully get the job done.”

One of the goal scorer in the game Sadio Mane stated the team goal was more important than him scoring a goal as he insists they can’t wait to get the job done at home.

“Like I always say, the team is winning – that’s more important [than me scoring]. I scored a goal today, I’m happy but more important were the goals we scored. We’re waiting for the next game and to get the job done at home.

“A great start [to the week]. We can’t expect better than that and it will help us to prepare for the next game.”



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