Lampard insists some players am still be worked on

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Lampard down as Chelsea suffered a club-record 16th defeat in a 38-game Premier League season with a 4-1 loss at Manchester United.

Chelsea caretaker boss Frank Lampard claims some players can still be worked on in the future following their performance against Manchester United.

Frank Lampard was felt bad in the press conference that followed his eighth loss in 10 matches in charge.

“My personal feeling? I don’t think it’s about my personal feeling, I think it’s probably about the reality of where we’re at,” he said.

“I’ve said it a lot going into the game, when things are off for a period, which has been the season for us – you can trace it back to probably pre-season – and then it’s not easy to turn it.

“Then when you get into a run-in against top clubs that are going for something, nothing’s a given in this game.

“Mixed feelings. We played OK in parts today, there was some individual performances within the game, which I think can be nice shoots for the future if they’re worked on.

“But of course the reality is when you come to Manchester United and how clinical they are in front of goal and how non-clinical we were, how we defended individually poorly in the second half, then the result can come.”


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