Liverpool told to focus on defense at Bernabéu

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John Barnes has warned Liverpool they must focus on their defence, and not on going all-out attack, to have any chance of mustering a miracle result against Real Madrid tonight.

Liverpool lost the first leg of the Champions League game against Real Madrid despite taking an early 2-0 lead.

The Spanish side did a come back to defeat the Reds taking advantage of their defense woe in the game.

“It’s OK talking about Liverpool needing to score an early goal, but I’m hoping they don’t concede an early goal,” the Reds legend told the media ahead of the game.

“Remember, we came back from 4-0 down against Barcelona, but we were at home and we were playing really well. This is going to be much harder.

“I’ll give them more of a chance than Jurgen has. He gave them a one per cent chance, I’ll give them two per cent. They’ve not got much of a chance, it’s highly unlikely, but they have to play.

“I think he will play a more solid midfield and defence, because as much as we have to score goals, there’s no point playing a very attacking team thinking we’ve got to score, and then all of a sudden you go one goal or two goals down. Real Madrid are a good side, they’re at home and they can punish you.

“We should have managed the game better at 2-0 up against Real Madrid at Anfield, but rather than being happy with two, we kept going forward to score more goals, and of course we saw the outcome of that.”


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