Luke Shaw admits to big improve in United team

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Luke Shaw admits great improvement in the Manchester United team as he claims to utilize the opportunity in tour to build his fitness ahead of the next season.

Manchester United left back Luke Shaw has admitted that there are lots of improvement in the team following their two-preseason friendly.

United team won the first friendly game against Premier League side Liverpool and also Australian club Melbourne Victory despite going a goal down in the second game.

Shaw, who has been involved heavily in the preseason tour stated that there is massive improvement in the team.

“We can’t be satisfied anymore with how the team had been going,” Shaw Manchester United media. “It’s not where the club should be and we know the levels have had to take a massive step in terms of higher intensity and what we’re supposed to be doing and I think from the start of the last two weeks, especially in training, it’s definitely a big improvement.

“And even in the games, I think you could see things that probably you haven’t seen before, so I think there are things to look forward to.

“I think the manager knows what the team needs and he has his own style and how he wants to manage and all the players have really taken it on board and they’re really enjoying it,” added Shaw.

“He is very hands-on and he takes a lot of the sessions. He’s involved a lot and if he sees people aren’t hitting the standards that he wants in training he’ll make sure they know. I think that’s good because he keeps the standards high.

“The manager demands more and we have to be better and better. After the first game he said to the press and he also said it to us as well that there were mistakes made that we need to improve on, not just individually but as a team as well.

“He’s spoken a lot about the team and the structure and the way he wants to play. It’s a lot of details, but details win games and with his philosophy and the way he wants to play, we need to listen.

“It’s really good to have an idea of what the manager wants and it’s down to us to go and show that on the pitch. And like I said, there is still much more to come from us and this is only the start.”

Manchester United will continue preparations for the new campaign with two more friendly in Australia against Premier League team Crystal Palace and Aston Villa, before another couple of pre-season fixtures in Oslo and at Old Trafford.

“I think you need to have an eye on that Brighton match [already] because that’s the most important game that’s coming up,” Shaw explained .

“Now, it’s all about preparation and getting the fitness work in and the game time, and obviously understanding the new set-up the manager wants on the pitch. It’s about putting all that together and making sure we’re 100 per cent at our best when that first game comes because that’s the most important one.”



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