Man United doubts persist following Champions League victory

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Danny Murphy remains unconvinced and has raised doubts about Erik ten Hag. The team has clinched three consecutive wins, gaining some momentum after their 1-0 triumph over FC Copenhagen in the Champions League. Nevertheless, Murphy contends that there has been no noticeable improvement from the previous season, suggesting that they might even have regressed.

Murphy’s reservations about Manchester United’s progress extend to their manager, Erik ten Hag. While the recent wins hint at a burgeoning momentum, Murphy questions whether ten Hag’s tactics and strategies have brought about substantial improvements in the team’s overall performance. Despite their winning streak, his scrutiny reveals a lack of faith in the direction and development of the club under ten Hag’s guidance.

In Murphy’s critical analysis, Manchester United’s recent successes are overshadowed by his concerns that they have failed to demonstrate significant advancement from the prior season. These doubts raise questions about the effectiveness of the team’s strategies and leadership, signaling a potential cause for concern among fans and pundits alike.

“The results at the minute are papering over the cracks,” the former Liverpool midfielder told White and Jordan on talkSPORT.

“The glaring thing with Manchester United is they are too easy to play against and against the best opposition in the Premier League, they’re going to get done.

“How many times does Ten Hag have to make substitutions at half-time or around half-time because he’s got the tactics or personnel wrong? That’s worrying.

“On the flip side, the fact he’s able to adapt quickly and do something about it, is good. But the fact is in most games where United play against half-decent opposition, they just look too easy to play against and they concede too many chances.

“A win in the Champions League is a step in the right direction, but I’m still looking and thinking they’re way off.

“The problem for United is the progression of the other teams they’re competing against, and the question is are United anywhere nearer than last season at trying to win the Premier League and Champions League? No, they’re not.

“Ten Hag’s first season was something everybody thought was a good thing. They won a trophy and got Champions League football back, so I would say that’s a boxed ticked for the manager, well done for your first season.

“But people expect progression, and I don’t see them being any better than they were last season. If anything, they’re probably worse.”



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