Manchester United to announce Greenwood decision soon

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Manchester United chiefs have commented about the future of Mason Greenwood for the first time.

Manchester United executives have addressed Mason Greenwood’s future for the first time. In an interview with The Athletic, Red Devils COO Collette Roche and head of fan engagement Rick McGagh revealed that their internal investigation into the forward has concluded.

They confirmed that the club has engaged with numerous individuals regarding Greenwood’s potential return to the first-team at Old Trafford. While United initially aimed to announce a decision before the new Premier League season, they have not communicated any verdict yet.

There are suggestions that they are awaiting input from their women’s team post the Women’s World Cup. However, Roche and McGagh clarified that this isn’t a consultation, emphasizing that the final decision on Greenwood will rest solely with them.

“We’ve done a really detailed and thorough internal investigation and we’ve asked as many people as we can around what happened and try to understand it beyond the original investigation done by the police,” said Roche.

“You’d expect us to engage with people who were relevant in terms of stakeholder groups. And now we just need to make the decision. That decision is firmly a decision that’s on us.”

McGagh adds: “It’s not accurate to say we’ve had full consultation with the fan advisory board on what decision we’re making. This is not a consultation.”


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