NBA’s Summer League to Implement Trial Penalty for In-Game Flopping

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The NBA has announced that it will be testing a new in-game penalty for flopping during the summer league. Referees will determine if a player has committed a flop, and if so, the opposing team will be awarded one free throw and possession of the ball.

The player who flops will receive an unsportsmanlike technical foul, which will not count towards personal fouls or result in an ejection.

Unlike previous rules, officials will not have to stop live play to call a flopping violation. In 2012, the NBA introduced an anti-flopping rule that included warnings and increasing fines for subsequent violations.

However, there was no in-game penalty, and the rule has rarely been enforced since its implementation a decade ago.

The NBA’s board of governors will convene later this month to vote on potential rule changes for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

The league’s 2012 definition of a flop describes it as an attempt to deceive referees into making undeserved foul calls or to mislead fans into thinking the referees missed a foul by exaggerating the impact of contact with an opposing player.


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