Neville criticizes Arteta’s behavior.

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In the aftermath of the north London derby, Gary Neville has taken a strong stance against Mikel Arteta, expressing his disapproval of the Arsenal manager’s conduct on the touchline.

Gary Neville criticized Mikel Arteta for his touchline behavior during the recent north London derby, where Arsenal and Tottenham played to a 2-2 draw, both teams losing ground in the race to catch up with Manchester City and Liverpool at the top of the Premier League.

The match, a thrilling contest between the arch rivals, offered football fans an exciting spectacle. However, Neville, a Manchester United legend, expressed his displeasure with Arteta’s conduct on the sidelines. He argued that Arteta’s behavior could have detrimental effects on his Arsenal team.

Neville’s criticism of Arteta’s touchline antics implies that the Spaniard’s actions during the match might have been disruptive or unsportsmanlike. This kind of behavior from a manager can potentially influence the team’s focus and discipline, thereby impacting their performance on the pitch.

Neville’s remarks highlight the importance of managerial conduct in football and its potential consequences. While passion and enthusiasm are essential, an excessive display of emotions may not always be beneficial for a team’s success. In this case, Arteta’s behavior appears to have drawn disapproval from a prominent figure in the footballing world.

“I want to see composure from this Arsenal team and that’s difficult because the manager’s on the sideline jumping around like you wouldn’t believe,” he said in his Gary Neville podcast.

“I want to see passion, but I want to see composure and a coldness, and that feels like a contradiction. But I want to see it in the right moments at the right times.”



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