Premier League and EFL agree to Jointly Sell Television Rights

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In a groundbreaking development, the Premier League and the English Football League (EFL) have come to an agreement to collectively sell their television broadcasting rights, marking a significant shift in the world of football broadcasting.

The Premier League and the English Football League (EFL) have reportedly come to an agreement to jointly sell their television broadcasting rights. The Premier League, a league renowned for its wealth since its inception in 1992, has consistently held a prominent position in global football, securing overseas TV contracts worth approximately £5 billion, which are set to run until 2025.

However, a significant transformation is on the horizon, with the primary objective of offering crucial financial support to clubs within the EFL. According to information from the Daily Mail, the Premier League and EFL have collaborated to present an innovative proposal to clubs.

This proposal includes the allocation of 14.75 percent of their combined media rights to the EFL for the upcoming season. This shift has the potential to effectively double the existing solidarity payments that the Premier League extends to the EFL, which currently amount to £130 million.

Furthermore, the EFL is slated to receive a bonus payment of £88 million for the current season, with 2028 marked as the year when the joint sale of television rights will begin. As part of the New Deal for Football, the Premier League will also increase its annual contribution by an additional £130 million to support the second, third, and fourth tiers of English football.


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