Petrakov: We played for Ukrainian that suffered

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Ukraine head coach dedicates the victory over Scotland to Ukrainian that suffered during the Russia invasion as Zinchenko admits they need to make the victory count by playing in the World cup.

Ukrainian head coach Oleksandr Petrakov claims that the victory over Scotland in the World cup qualifier playoff is for their citizens that suffered during the Russia invasion.

He further stated that all is emotions are left on the pitch as he dedicates the victory to people that fought with their last blood.

“I have no emotions to be honest with you,”  Petrakov told Skysports. “All of my emotions are left on the football pitch. This victory was not for me, it wasn’t for the team members, it was for our country, so it was a huge win for Ukraine.

“We played for those who fight in the trenches, who fight with their last drop of blood. We also played for Ukrainians, for people back at home, who suffer every day.”

Petrakov acknowledged his side still have one more step to take before they can fully celebrate, with the final against Wales now looming.

“We did a baby step towards our great aim but we still have a game against Wales in front of us,” said the head coach. “We will do everything in Wales that people expect us to do and we will make Ukrainians proud to be Ukrainians, very much like our team and myself – we are extremely proud Ukrainians.”

Petrakov added: “In this difficult time, I also want to extend our gratitude to the people of Scotland, to this incredible, amazing, hospitable place.

“I was walking early in the morning yesterday in the streets of Glasgow city centre and Scottish people were approaching me, wishing me well and all the best. Thank you Scotland, we will never forget that.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian defender Oleksandr Zinchenko also claims the dream of the team is to play in the world cup.

He added that they have one more step to go against Wales but admits the Scotland victory will be for nothing if they fail to make it into the world cup tournament.

“Everyone knows the situation in Ukraine and every game is like a final. We have a dream as a team to be at the World Cup”, Zinchenko said.

“We have one more game, one more final and we need to win it. Otherwise, this game won’t mean anything.

“Scotland is a great team and have unbelievable players in each line. But we did well. We scored three and could have scored more.

“The Wales game is going to be massive for us. We need to show our best performance in our lives and then we’ll see what happens.”



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