Players caught using drugs in football

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Football players are always physical and consume lots of energy when doing their job on the football pitch.

In other to get their job done properly these players are expected to stay fit with lots of physical exercises.

One of the players respected in the world of football is Cristiano Ronaldo due to the way he keeps himself fit and abstain from some food and drinks.

While some players can not cope with the intensity of football with their strength and energy then they have no other option than to consume drugs that will boost themselves.

Taking these drugs are very harmful to their health and some players were found wanting in this act.

Players at high level are required to take drug test and failure in these tests or refusal to take the test will result to be ban.

There certain types of drugs that will result to drug test failure while some are used to boost their recreational performance.

Here are some of the players that have been caught for taking drugs or had a failed drug test.

Kolo Toure

Kolo Toure was a former Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool defender in the Premier League then and the Ivorian failed a drug test in 2011.

A specified substance was found in the urine of Toure and the Ivorian claimed it was due to him taking his wife diet pills.

The Panel decided that he was speaking the truth about the substance that was found in his urine but was still handed a 6-month ban.

Jaap Stam

Jamp Stam is a Dutch man who plays as a defender who is known for his strength, speed and technicality.

The Dutch has played and won numerous awards while playing for PSV, Manchester United, Lazio, AC Milan and Ajax.

In 2002 Nandrolone was found in the Urine sample and was ban for 5 months but after he protested it was reduced to 4 months.

Adrian Mutu

Adrian Mutu is a former Chelsea player who played under Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho.

Mutu joined the club as one of the high rated forwards but left the club after several fall out with Mourinho.

Mutu’s contract was terminated and law suit made against him after a failed drug test that revealed he has taken cocaine.

He was ban for 7 months with the legal battle but later re-joined Juventus before joining Fiorentina where he failed a second drug test for doping.

He was given 9 months ban from football and the sacked by his club.

Pep Guardiola

Now one of the best managers in the history of football suffered a failed drug test during his playing time.

Guardiola was a good footballer when he was playing but failed a drug test due to the presence of nandrolone in his sample.

He fought and won the case for six years only for it to surface again in 2009 and he also won the case later.

Diego Maradona

He is a high-profile player then and was known for his dribble, strength and scoring ability of the pitch.

Maradona previously battled with cocaine addiction and was banned for 15 months in 1991 when he tested positive for the drug. He was thrown out of the 1994 World Cup for doping when he tested positive for ephedrine. He was once the best player in the world and his fall from grace has been huge.



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