Pochettino claims players and fans affected with Champions League exit

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Pochettino claims PSG players and Fans are still affected with the Champions League exit.

Paris Saint Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino claims players and are fans are affected with the Champions League exit against Real Madrid.

The French club jeopardize their 2 goals lead in the Champions League at the Bernabeu Stadium last week.

Speaking after the victory against Bordeaux in the French Ligue 1 Pochettino stated that the it was a difficult game.

He added that the players and the fans are also affected negatively by the Champions League exit.

“It was a difficult game. We knew that Bordeaux were going to fight in order to try to pick up points. The team was really professional and the overall performance was good. The 10th title? I think that it is the most important thing now.

“We need to be focused on winning. We are all disappointed after the Champions League game, but we cannot stop doing what we need to do. It’s to respect and to take responsibility.

“Responsibility is one thing for what happened in the past. But you cannot change the past and what we need to affect is the future. Of course, we need to learn and we need to know what we need to do to try to improve. But I think the three points today were important to keep the distance and to be in a good position in the league table in order to finish the season by winning the league.

“I think the players are still going to be affected and our fans too, I understand that they are so disappointed and really frustrated. We are all together, that is the feeling we share. We are the protagonists in the story, so we need to take responsibility. But this is football and we need to understand. Now we need to capitalise on this experience and be better for it in the future.”



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