Thomas Tuchel claims he is up for Chelsea’s challenge

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Thomas Tuchel believes that he is up to the challenge Chelsea are facing and claims he will keep delivering on the pitch.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel says he is privilege to be at the London club and his ready for the challenges.

The club faces prospect of ownership change and also face restriction from the United Kingdom government due to the sanction of current owner Roman Abramovic.

The German not claim that he is happy with the club and says he is determined to keep delivering success on the pitch.

“I like where I am because I can personally appreciate the value it has to be in a club with a mentality that fits so good to my mentality,” he said.

“I appreciate a lot the amount and quality of support that I found in this club so I feel very privileged and very lucky. I know how much I need this to be the best version of myself so this is a big value for me.

“Maybe the football allows me to focus. It’s just what I love and it’s nice to have it and it’s nice to have the routines, it’s nice to have the support from everybody in the building and to be in a club like this. This helps a lot, the amount of support and the quality of support is huge.”

The German also claimed that he was prepared to adapt to whatever lies ahead, with the club’s ownership expected to change hands in due course. In the meantime and given the ever-changing situation, he is simply staying focused on the football.

“I never had in any contract that I can spend this amount of money or that I need this player,’ he added. ‘I never did this at any club.

“That’s why I trust myself also to adapt to a lot of situations and I trust my ability to influence teams. I’m happy to be part of that big team at Cobham and at Chelsea.

“I am still very, very happy and I hope that will not change. I cannot predict the future but right now my future is until the next game so let’s go day by day. There is no other solution at the moment.

“It is actually in the building at Cobham pretty much business as usual. Of course there is a lot going on and it is another level of distraction, but we need to live in the moment.”




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